Committed To You

My true love…

His smile, so bright, happy, can light up any room,
With out even trying.
His love, so strong and caring, makes you feel one in a million.
His hands soft, warm, and his grasp so safe, secure,
holding them is heaven.
His eyes so gentle, deep, sorrowful, and kind. Hurt and pain present,
But fades slightly.
His voice, manly, strong, deep and can always make me laugh.
His lips, warm, soft, ever so lovely to kiss, feeling him warm next to me,
So sweet.
His walk, confident, but shy, so innocent walking by.
His fingers, strong, loving, and can always hit the right spot.
His ears, ever listening, hears pleas of help and never leaves, always there.
Him a guy, I'm madly in love with, a guy I wish I could see everyday,
But he lives so far away.
Someone I've connected with beyond what words could say.
So… why would I do that? I could never.
I have my guy and no one could change or hurt that.
I love him, and know we'll be together forever.

I Love You, remember that, forever and always.