Frozen like ice it is, my heart shattered, never to be forgiven.
For god knows what, coz I certainly don't.
Why can't you tell me instead of leaving me alone?
You said you could alienate with a very cold goodbye.
But you can do that by not even saying goodbye.
Friday we were fine, not an argument insight.
We both happily said I love you and goodnight.
So why have you gone so blue? Can I forgive you?
For freezing me out, I text you, but nothing.
You can't text me, but you can my bestfriend.
Now what's going on? Coz I don't think we can make amends.
I've trusted you and you know well, that was hard.
Now you've frozen me out and that didn't seem hard.
Not even a hello let a lone a goodbye.
You know what, you've burnt my sky.
I never thought that was something you could do.
But I guess I was wrong to have faith in you.

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