This is my story that was first intended to amuse me during my Geometry class in high school, but as it progressed I couldn't help myself and I had to continue with it. Now it is my pride and joy and I hope it gives you the same entertainment as it does me.

In The blood of Kings


By: Elenae Young

A single, silken, white feather floated to the cold tile floor of his private bath house as he spread his wings wide, stretching out the tightness from the night. The steam from the hot, scented water helped soothe his tense muscles from the rough workout the previous day. His ashen-blonde, shoulder length hair framed his gentle face and intense radiant green eyes. They pierced your soul with a single glance, burying into your mind. His strong back muscles supported a pair of brilliant, powerful wings. They spanned twice his six-foot, one height. Very few Sayren were born with wings, they were rare in fact. Even more rare was the functionality of those wings.

Angelus Dearborn stepped into the bath, his wings relaxed behind him, and he submerged himself for a moment to take in the wonderful heat. He enjoyed these few moments to himself in the bathhouse.It was a break from the tedious task of Lord of Whitefall, his massive kingdom. A kingdom so extensive that it included several solar systems; numerous planets. The inhabitants all pledging their allegiance to the Dearborn Empire.

Decades ago, his father King Jaques Dearborn, created a sanctuary for Sayren. It was a place where they could go as refugees or emigrate to when their home world government treated them unfairly. Its creation was spurred by the countless reports of Sayren abuse, their abilities exploited by the governments to speed production of traded goods or suppressed and locked into slavery. Some governments went so far as to commit thousands of Sayren to prison camps where often, the end result was genocide.

A quiet voice prodded his mind, asking for attention. What is it now? He asked telepathically to his personal advisor, Grey.

Pardon me your highness, but there are pressing matters I need to bring to your attention. He informed him in a soft, though strong voice. But regardless of how soft his voice may sound, or how much he kept to himself, he was a very powerful man.

Can this not wait until later? Surely those councilmen can take care of something. Isn't that why they're there? He resurfaced and brushed his hair from his face.

A sigh could be heard from his mind. If they could have taken care if it, I would not be bothering you with this. It seems she's left the ranch. The guards are searching but we don't know where she could have gone. I have them on alert based on the fact that there's a blizzard heading towards Whitefall.

Lord Angelus growled. Why did women have to be so difficult? They were always making things more difficult than they had to be. Give me an hour. He requested with a scowl, then I shall meet you in my conference room. In the meantime, FIND HER!

Severing the communication, he sank below the water and began to beat his wings softly and glide through the water. This was relaxing, and he was going to enjoy himself.