Chapter 11

"I honestly don't think that it is a good idea these two girls stay in close proximity my lord." Grey confessed later that evening.

Lord Angelus sat at his desk, his wings lax behind him and his paperwork strew out before him. "I don't see how one little fight can convince you of this Grey."

"I don't honestly think it is just the fight, brother dear." Lady Melody conceded. She sat before the fireplace curled up on the sofa, her needlepoint on her lap.

Turning, Lord Angelus regarded his sister with stern eyes. "Then what would it be, Mel?"

She sighed and set down her work. "Look, we all knew that Ms. LeRugh wouldn't like Ms. Valentine and to our misfortune she doesn't. With that in mind, it would almost be like putting a powder keg and a candle right next to each other. Eventually something is going to blow."

"But my question is, who is the powder keg and who is the candle?" Grey asked, sitting at Lady Melody's feet.

"Would it matter?" Lady Melody asked.

Lord Angelus nodded thoughtfully. "I honestly think it would. So far, in her two years of service, Ms. LeRugh has been a faithful, reliable woman. Now when she suddenly hears of Ms. Valentine she goes hunting."

"I think it's a protective thing sire." Grey offered silently.

"Protective?" Lady Melody scoffed. "Honestly. I think Angelus is more than capable of handling himself. I think Ms. LeRugh has come in handy only a handful of times. Grey has protected you a majority of the time."

Lord Angelus and Grey exchanged amused looks. "This I know Mel, but the fault lies not in Ms. LeRugh but in my friendship in Grey."

"Why don't you just make him your bodyguard? Why must you pick on some innocent farm girl?"

"Lady Melody, I understand how confusing this is, but his lordship and I believe that Ms. Valentine is an extraordinary girl. When I get the chance to develop it in her I will prove it to you. As for me being his bodyguard, I couldn't do that. As much of a privilege as it would be, I would have to decline. His highness and I are very good friends and I believe that at some point that friendship would get in the way of me being able to properly protect him. So I keep an eye on him as his advisor." Grey spoke softly, holding the woman's gaze with his own.

"I see." She cleared her throat and went back to her needlework.

Smiling, Grey turned to Lord Angelus.

"What do you suggest I do? Do you honestly think Ms. LeRugh will become unstable?" Lord Angelus inquired.

"I am honestly not sure what she will do. After the fight, after Ms. Valentine yelled something, Ms. LeRugh looked hurt, almost disappointed and ashamed."


"Yes. I think it was definitely something Ms. Valentine said. Either that or her disappointment in herself for somehow failing in the fight."

"Well, from your explanation, Ms. LeRugh did let herself get pinned." Lord Angelus was almost unable to withhold the smirk. Though it did make him curious as to the sudden mood change of his bodyguard. Never before had she displayed any sort of jealous characteristics.

"I think, to see what happens, we should leave the two together for the rest of the month." Grey suggested.

"I though you wanted them apart." Lady Melody interjected.

"Yes, I did, but I would like to see if keeping the two together is going to light the powder keg or blow out the candle." He grinned in a boyish, rogue sort of way.

"I think you are playing with fire, Grey." Lady Melody clucked. "If Ms. Valentine is really as strong as she is, I don't think any of the kids in the boarding house are going to be able to handle her if she gets out of control."