An Artist's Abstraction

Georgia O Keefe

saw femininity in a


and found the fragrance

of an orchid in the

picture of purple


A true artist brings the

writer to tears

and shows the beauty of

the vision they saw in a

dream of reality

I paint a canvass of you

with my brush of a pen

and drops of ink of oil

because you are my


Pablo Picasso

saw life in an

abstraction of what was

here and what was there

he pieced together

the puzzle of the human


A true genius brings

tears to the


and shows the world

though the eyes of

the beholding beholders

expansion and dreams

you are my reason

and you are my


Why don't you just accept the art I paint

for you

since I envision that I turn the color

of a schoolteacher's apple

since you deprive me of

mine oxygen