Janaeah watched the young girl heave the contents of her stomach all over the shiny marble floor and frowned. It really was a pity to watch her dispel all of the perfectly good blood, and especially all over the freshly cleaned floors of that nice house. Underneath the intoxicating smell of blood, Janaeah could smell the lemon cleaning product that the elderly gentleman's maid had used earlier that same day. Beside her, Iynnea was dancing around in circles, cooing gently down at the girl as if to reassure her. It was a pity that her Sister's actions were futile; if anything, Iynnea's "soothing" comments only made their newest recruit even more nauseous.

"Sweet, sweet blood," Iynnea chanted, "tangy, tart, sweet blood...beautiful blood, life-giving blood...spilling across the floor, sliding down my throat—"

Finally Janaeah could not handle the sounds of the girl retching, so she said, quite politely, "Iynnea love, perhaps you should be quiet a moment, and allow the poor girl to regain her composure. It must be embarrassing to be throwing up in front of two people she just met."

"Embarrassing?" April shrieked. "Embarrassing? What have you done to me? YOU—YOU—YOU—YOU ARE BOTH HORRIBLE, EVIL, DEMONIC—"

"Now, now, let's not get carried away," Janaeah interjected evenly. "Didn't your mother ever teach you not to call people names? It's quite rude, you know."

"RUDE? You kidnapped me and then m-murdered this poor, innocent old man, and then tell me it's rude to call you names?!" The girl was definitely edging on hysterical.

"Must you repeat everything I say? I think Iynnea does a splendid job of that by herself, thank you. Now I think you are being slightly over dramatic about this whole situation."

Janaeah turned away from the young girl, feeling slightly awkward upon hearing the girl's soft sobs. Crying was a weak gesture in the vampire world, and was normally looked down upon. In any other circumstance, Janaeah probably would have slapped the child by now. The sound of her sobs was harsh in her ears, and irritated her slightly. But Janaeah could remember back to the first time she herself had been changed into a vampire. It had been many, many years ago, but the night stuck in her memory permanently.

Mary, a wee lass of only 18 years of age, had been on her way to the market one cloudy, gray afternoon when she first caught a glance of the man. He was tall and achingly handsome, with prominent cheek bones, thick, wavy dark brown hair, and startlingly blue eyes. He wore the clothes of a noble, so as she passed him, she carefully diverted her eyes as she had been taught. Being the daughter of a poor merchant, she did not have the right to look someone of higher blood in the eyes. Besides that, she was female, and to look a man in the eyes was downright disrespectful. Though she carefully kept her eyes glued to the dirt road beneath her feet where the properly belonged, she could still feel his eyes on her back.

For the next few months, whenever Mary left the cottage she would see the mysterious, handsome man. It didn't matter if she was walking into the town, or simply hanging the linens up to dry, he was always there. It was more than unnerving, and when Mary spoke with her eldest sister Hope about him, she merely suggested that perhaps he was trying to court her. Somehow, though, Mary knew that courting was not the man's intentions. This kind of stalking went on for quite some time, and Mary had grown accustomed to seeing the man everywhere. But one day she failed to see him at all, and for some reason she felt a fierce ache in her chest. Perhaps he's grown bored with me, she thought with a heavy sigh, and went about her daily chores.

That night, however, Mary slept in a state of fitful dreams until she heard a noise in front of the cottage. Quietly she slid out of bed, grabbed up a candle from the table and tiptoed silently to the window. It was dark, too dark to see anything, but she somehow knew something was out there. At first she thought to go and wake her father, but then a blissful feeling came over her; all thoughts left her mind. The only thing she thought to do was go outside, in her night clothes and all, so that's exactly what she did.

There in yard standing under a tree was the mysterious man, and her heart swelled with joy. "I thought you had forgotten about me," she whispered, stepping closer.

At first the man didn't reply, nor did he move. He simply watched her, and it was at that moment that Mary realized that she was looking directly into his eyes for the first time. They were hypnotic. "I wouldn't forget you," he said at last, his voice strangely hoarse and silky at the same time. Her heart began to beat faster, and dimly she wondered if this was what love felt like. "I could never forget you."

She swallowed and nodded, unable to tear her gaze from his.

"Come to me, Mary," he commanded softly, and unbidden her feet uprooted themselves and she began walking toward him. She couldn't ask him how he knew her name, or what he was doing standing outside her cottage in the middle of the night. Her mind was blank, and all she could see were those eyes...such a deep blue, like the ocean...

Then she was standing in front of him, staring up into his eyes without blinking, without the shame she should have felt. She let out a startled gasp as his hands snaked around her waist and pulled her closer. Still, she could not pry her eyes from his. He tilted back her head to expose the soft, vulnerable flesh of her throat, and lowered his mouth to her throat, right over the vein throbbing with her blood. Even as his sharp teeth punctured that vein and she cried out in pain, she could not get the image of his eyes out of her brain. She pressed her eyes closed, and felt her knees grow week, and still...those eyes...

Even now, nearly 300 years later as Janaeah Rose instead of Mary, those blue eyes haunted her every time she closed her lids. Part of her, the part that was still Mary, probably loved that mysterious vampire, though she had not seen him since that night. Sometimes she wondered, though: did he ever think of her, as she so often thought of him?

Iynnea's insane rantings drew Janaeah out of her memories, and the latter turned back around, her hands clutching the banister roughly. "Blood, blood, blood...sweet, sweet blood—"

"Get up," Janaeah barked down at the girl, cutting through Iynnea's song. She had her no-nonsense voice back, now, and meekly April stood and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "You do not have a choice in this now, girl. You are what you are, and you must learn to accept that."

"I can't—no, I won't drink blood," she said defiantly, tipping up her chin in rebelliousness.

"Then you will die," Janaeah snapped. "If you refuse to eat, you will be driven to insanity, slowly withering away to nothing. It is your choice, but if I were you, I would rather live."

April's head fell, and she knew Janaeah was right. It was better to live than to go insane and slowly die. But how could she possibly drink human blood? It was downright disgusting. Just thinking about it made her want to vomit again, and so she carefully chose not to look in the way of the dead man.

"Come, Iynnea," Janaeah commanded, stepping away from the banister and gliding down the spiral staircase. Iynnea, her black hair messy and hanging in her face from spinning in so many a circle, followed closely behind the other vampire. Together they strolled over to where April stood with her head hanging in shame and embarrassment.

Janaeah reached out and grasped the girl's chin in her thin but powerful fingers, and pulled her chin up. Then she dropped April's chin, and extended an arm. Weak and shaking, April took the offered hand silently. "I am Janaeah Rose, and my lovely companion here is Iynnea. You must forgive her if she does not shake your hand."

The girl swallowed. "I'm April, April Dalloway."

Janaeah released April's hand. "Not any more, you are not," she said smoothly. "From this point on, you will be known as Tamika."

April—Tamika—wanted to ask so many questions; they swirled around her brain, begging to be put into words, but Janaeah didn't seem to want to talk anymore. So the newest addition to the Sisterhood remained quiet and obediently followed the vampire women when they turned to leave.

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