Upon approaching my section of the house,

My room, my haven, my hell.

You could probably guess,

I've got a special sense of "style"

Or I'm just a teen with a dyer need to stay in the past.

In my room you can see some cartoon characters, stuffed animals, crayons, markers, scissors and a few posters.

Reminiscing 'bout the days of ole,

Reflecting upon the past, with childish memories,

Old photos, little artifacts.

My special artifact could be worthless to someone else, but it's worth the world to me.

No one can probably figure out why I still have this old pin that you can find anywhere now.

But it's extra special, because my great great grandmother had it.

Then she passed it on to my great grandmother,

Who then passed it to your grandmother.

"Now it's your turn to hold onto this little pin."

I'll guard it with all my life.

Then I'll pass it on to my daughter, who will hopefully cherish it, and take care of it just like I did, and continue the chain.