Always smiling, always dancing with strings attached.

Pull my strings a bit tighter; I'll dance more,

I'll still have that inviting little smile for you to pull my strings, and make me dance.

No one appears to care about the little marionette that dances and smiles.

People like to pull my strings and not ask if it's okay.

Finding amusement in my dancing and smiling.

But behind the show, behind it all.

That little marionette has a life that only appears to get worse week by week.

Arms covered in scars, yet she just dances with her dressings covering that.

Dancing and smiling on the stage of life, amusing others, not many know what it's like to live like this.

If I'm not "happy" I apparently make everyone's world come crashing down. After their world becomes a living "hell" they proceed to make mine worse.

Pull that string, pull it harder m'dear. Just a bit more.

Don't forget to make me dance until your eyes fall asleep so I can slowly cry myself into a deep sleep hidden behind tears.