Scream a bit louder dearie.

People can't hear you.

Scream until you turn blue and your voice cracks.

Bits of blood dribble out of my ears and I can't stop it my hands are bound by my lies.

Dearie you haven't waken anyone.

Continuously screaming, my ears still bleeding.

Blood is rushing down to my denim jeans.

A stream of red crimson lace still comes from my ears.

Dearie keeps screaming, I can't hear you yet.

Many people still can't hear you.

What are ye? Weak?

Scream louder m'dear.

Watching me scream, but apparently it's not loud enough.

Can't you do that? Just try.

Scream your little heart out.

I continue to scream, my shirt and jeans soaked in my blood.

Almost to an unbearable pain, I fall, leaving a puddle of red crimson lace.

Still screaming still crying.

Leaving a puddle with each small step.

Awaking with a start, mum said I had been screaming bloody murder for five minutes.

I look down, my shirt still white; my jeans still that denim blue. I run my finger down my cheek, no tears, no blood, just a bit of sweat.