That goodbye…

it was my last to you.

I won't be the victim

left behind lonely staring scared

this time, instead it's me

that's walking away.

I don't need you.

Oh no, not anymore.

And this is not some lie

I've been telling myself

to get by.

This is the truth.

You are the past

and I've already turned my gaze

to the future.

A future you have no part in.

I can traipse through life

and never let my eyes linger

on your face again, I won't

allow my thoughts to wander.

I've shut your memory away.

Burning photographs.

You were a waste of time.

From you I gained nothing

nothing but a false sense of

security that was ripped away

and revealed as the thin sheet it

had always been at a most convenient

moment. (really, nothing at all)

I learned not to waste my time

on what was not worth it.

And you….

were not, are not.

One too many wasted second chances.

Unappreciated, feeling hopeless, gentle hidden tears.

But really, it's all right.

I've got better things to do

than sit around, moping

waiting for you to wake up.

There are other shoulders to lean on,

other sweet words and faces to

fill my dreams.

In the end, I guess it's like you always said:

I've got to live.