you boycott my séances with your prayers to a god

with which I disagree

you stand behind my tarot reading

with crosses and rosaries

calling out for the devil to let me go

but you do not understand

that I choose this way of life

like you select food at the restaurant

but you say I will starve without Jesus

because he feeds his sheep fish

I have never liked fish

but you believe I practice the Black Sabbath

on more days then the Saturday at midnight

you do not comprehend

that because I don't believe

it does not mean I am evil

I believe in a greater good

the potential of humanity

the beginning of life though

reality and what I can see

with what is tangible

you ask me how I cannot believe

well I do not believe

because of the reason

your god gave me

and I live off the free will

that you say we have

if you do, exercise it

because indeed you seem to be sheep

in the worst of ways

a goat can at least make a decision for itself

think about it

before you preach it

before you teach it

before you condemn me

you are not supposed to condemn

because Jesus said so

what a quandary we are in

to be opposing like the yin and yang

then I say we call a stalemate

because no one can win

the war of religion