The halls are empty
Not a single sound,
My heart is empty
No one is found.

Searing pain, unsurmountable pleasure
Neither of which I can taste,
Frigidly numb, a long blank stare
An innocent soul gone to waste.

A dripping faucet carries a rhythm
Drumming me a hollow tune,
Fleeting thoughts devour my brain
Halting much too soon.

Asleep or awake, all just a dream
Time carries on in silence,
The joys of days past seeming so far away
No longer fazed by violence.

Indifferent, yet emotional
The wounds will not heal,
Scars thickening the pain
Announcing they were real.

The clock ticks slowly
Backwards, time steadily runs,
Unnerved, I wander free
Echoing the swollen heartbeat of ones.

They whisper to one another
Singing a sweet love song,
All around me, happiness blooms
But I am not that strong.

Insistent buzzing approaches
Drilling through my mind,
Meekly, I seek their help
But they are simply too blind.

No longer listening to the words that cannot be heard.
A broken arrow, a shattered stone, nothing else left to yearn.
No longer hearing the words that are left unsaid.
I walk along the unforsaken path, never again to return.