One Simple Song

by Joey

It was just a simple song I had sung in the dark corner of the auditorium during school at lunch. Yet it was this simple song that made her and I collide.

I've never stayed long in one place throughout my whole life. Packing and moving was like breathing to me, so I've learned to always pack lightly since I knew I wouldn't be staying for long.

That time, however, had been different; I placed my foot down. I had arrived in Vancouver last summer and fell in love with the environment and people. It was a 360 degrees change from New York, the empire state; always busy, loud, outspoken, and spontaneous. Vancouver, on the flip side, was warm, breezy, quiet, conservatively outspoken, and most of all, peaceful.

I had told my father that I would be staying here whether he liked it or not. He had objected at first, but had agreed after my mom and brother decided to stay here with me. It had not been the first time we stayed behind, but it was the last time that we moved.

My dad had flown to Brazil a week later for a month long business trip.

The months had passed by quickly during the summer. Our family visited way too many places like Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain and Canada Place. It was superbly stereotypical but it gave me a good sense of the city. Although I think it takes time to enjoy a place. I never understood the travelers who stayed in an area for three days because it gives absolutely no impression of how the city is really like. I think it takes at least a month to even begin to comprehend the intricacies of a city.

But it could be because I never stayed in one area for long.

Anyway, before I knew it, September was here and my first day of my last year in high school was approaching. School was starting on Monday and I already had my reservations. Moving around a lot takes an enormous toll on your social life. Although never having serious problems with meeting people, I hardly got time to know them.

Even though I was from bustling New York City, I was quiet. I guess I never got used to the noise and people. My parents always told me I was a small city person and I couldn't agree more.

Yet, what must come will come.

I arrived early on the first day, which was highly unusual for me since I always arrived late to school. Time goes by so quickly in the morning, especially when you're not a morning person.

With my dark orange messenger bag hung by my side, I carried my acoustic guitar on my back. Stepping into unknown territory always frightened me, yet having my guitar always helped. Plus, it gives a good first impression; at least I think it does.

My eyes scanned the front foyer with curiosity before landing on a set of wooden doors. I walked up the four steps opened one to discover the auditorium.

The instant I saw it, I knew it would be my favorite place in the school. The room gave off a mysterious aura with the dim yellow lights and dark red curtain on the stage. Every chair was flipped down and it felt as if people were waiting for a show to commence. I knew that this was where I would spend my time playing.

The morning flew by quickly and before I knew it, it was lunch. I already met a few people that I felt comfortable with and was going to eat lunch with them. I figured if I was going to stay here then I could afford to really truly start making friends.

Going to my locker to retrieve my lunch, however, I changed my mind; instead, I decided to explore the auditorium. I'm sure they'll understand if I explain it to them tomorrow.

I walked over to the wooden double doors and pulled one open. I padded down toward the stage as I scanned the area before deciding on a corner by the stage stairs. I placed my lunch down on the ground and brought forward my guitar. Resting it on my knee I started strumming.

It was the first song that popped in my head as I had heard it on the radio going to school. It's one of my favourite songs. As the melody weaved around me, I had an urge to add words. I don't classify myself has a strong singer, but I was by myself and felt no inhibition.

"Even the best fall down sometime, even the stars refuse to shine, out of the back you fill in time", I softly sang as each word came out in a slow whisper. Even though sounds were coming out of me, I felt quiet and peaceful.

"You finally find, you and I collide."

I rested my eyes before slowly opening them again. This song never failed to shake me. Howie Day's voice is beyond words.

I picked up my sandwich and just as I placed my mouth on it, I saw a slender figure by the door. The darkness revealed nothing but a form as it walked toward me. Once it came into the light, I saw that it was a girl.

Her hair was tied up in a loose ponytail and her face was pale against the somber background. I suddenly felt very self-conscious as I pondered whether she heard me singing or not. I must have seemed like such a loner.

"Hey, I'm Bryony", she breathed her words as if it were her first breath. Her vulnerable voice took away my discomfort.

She gently extended her hand outward with a quiet determination. At that moment, my shyness before seemed unjustifiable. Here was a girl who conquered her unease for me and here I was being rude starring at her.

So, I put my sandwich down and grasped her outstretch hand in mine.

"I'm Kaden."