The Mistake

15 November 2004

10:23 PM

You're NOTHING! The words echoed in her ears. Those were the words her mother had spoken to her. Nothing but a MISTAKE! That's all she was. Some fling, one night of passion(so called) between two drunks one July fourth. You're such a fuck up! Can't you ever do ANYTHING right?! Of course the Mistake never could. The grades were never good enough. She was never pretty enough. She was never skinny enough. I gave myself up for you, and for what?! A child who only ever loved you and tried so hard to make you love her. You're nothing to me! Nothing but a mistake caused by raging hormones and too much tequila! She's sorry she couldn't be what you wanted. She tried to be, but it was never enough because you never wanted to love the Mistake. I wish you'd never been born!! And with a loud explosion like a backfiring car, the Mistake is gone. She took herself out. You'll never have to deal with her again. Oh, no! What have I done? My baby! My baby girl!! Too late now, Mother. The Mistake is gone. She'll never again disgrace your name. But here's the note she left for you. I'm sorry, Mother, that I was born and burdened you for so long. I love you, Mother. Love, The Mistake.