"Sandy? Something wrong?" Jason asked, leaving the door wide-open behind him, putting a hand on my shoulder.

I nodded, staring at the kitchen without really seeing it.

"You sure?" Jason repeated, turning me to face him.

"Yeah." I was still staring, knowing it was freaking him out but not really able to stop. "Did you know he left?"

"Who, Sandy?" He asked gently, leading me to the table.

I blinked, finally. "Mitchell."

"Mitch? Yeah, but Sandy, he'll be back," Jason reassured me, pushing me down to sit in a chair.

"No, Jason," I shook my head, meeting his eyes. "He won't."

"Come on, Sandy, sure he will," he said, trying to convince both of us, now, "tomorrow he'll come over for a movie and it'll be just like it always was, you know?"

"No, I don't." I sighed, patting his shoulder. "He's never coming back."

This is an exercise in self-discipline. That, and me wanting to write a multi-part story with short, non-consecutive sections that don't follow any timeline. And consequently, don't make a lot of sense.

Thus, Never came into being, and for the entire month of February I'll be adding a new section.