The doorbell sounded harsh, waking me up enough that I fall off the bed in a tangle of sheets.

Jason's footfalls down the hallway sounded no more enthusiastic than usual, socked like normal, but there was something completely new humming in the air.

I got up, pulling on the jeans abandoned on the floor, tugging on a shirt that wasn't mine. Sofee stretched her arms high above her head; I tossed a sock at her and told her we have company.

She shrugged, picking herself up, and within minutes we're relatively presentable and I'm curious as to who came to the door. Jason never had visitors, and if he hadn't told me who it was…

I opened the door and moved quietly down the hall.

And there was Mitchell, just as tall, with the same perfect brown hair, wearing glasses that suited him perfectly again, arms wrapped securely around my brother. Jason had his head buried in the corner of Mitchell's neck, and Mitchell was grinning and not bothered at all that Jason's fingernails were leaving little marks in his arms.

I smiled at him, hanging back, one hand holding hers behind me.

"Sandy!" He said, voice older, more cultured, yet all still Mitchell. The same boy that I recognized from when I was busy being young and stupid.

"Sofee," I wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her up beside me, "this is Mitchell. Mitchell, my girlfriend Sofee."

"You always did have good taste." Mitchell winked.

I winked back, dragging Sofee into the kitchen to give them privacy.

He was the first boy I loved. And the last, as it were.

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