A/N: My mommy says poems don't have to rhyme.

No, this is a non rhyming poem that would probably

work better as a song.

Just cry

No more lies,

No more apologies

for your broken promises,

Dreams finally here.

I'll always love you.


Why'd you leave?

Where'd you go?

When were you going to tell me?

I worked so hard

for your love,

your disapproval,

Always in the back of my mind.

We made our promises,

Mine fulfilled,

Yours but empty.

I hate you,

I love you,

I want you here.

It isn't easy to keep going

like nothing's wrong.

I need to just cry,

Precious tears over him,

over us,

In her arms,

All night long.

Just grieve, just let the tears fall.

Just cry.

Just cry.