I've heard a lot about you.
I guess you could say some good, some bad.
But those said in the harsh light of day.
I don't know you and you don't really know me.
But I guess that's how new friends start to be.
I guess it's a little strange, coz ur my boyfriends ex girl.
This kinda has me in a whirl, coz it's kinda strange,
Even though I love twirls.
You're a really nice person, from what I've seen so far.
I hope our friendship can go pretty far.
I guess I can say I'm fucked up and not that little shining star.
I can't say I'm confident, let a lone the laugh of the crowd.
But I guess you make me see, I should be proud.
I have one thing in my life that makes me sing loud.
My poetry's something I should ring out.
I guess at this point I need another friend.
You seem like a girl who could help.
I just hope our past history won't cause us hell.
Yes, I'm dating your ex, and yes, I love him so.
But what I'm trying to say is this is not about him.
So we should stop and let it go.
I really would like to be your friend.
And I hope soon enough that will be so…

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