Happy ever After
by: trista groulx

He thinks I'm too smart for that,
But they got me too
He thought I couldn't be brainwashed,
But they got me before
Before I could really think to fight
Before I learned such valuable lessons
They were, in fact, my first lessons
Those lessons about romance
From Cinderella to Snow White
Each getting her Prince Charming
So why shouldn't we get one too?
He thinks I'm too smart to buy it,
But I think they got me too
With their happy ever afters
With their knights on white horses
Some fairy tales not to be broken
Can't you see I was trained?
Despite the fact I "damn the man"
This is just a woman's instinct
That I cannot get gone away
He thought I was too smart,
Too smart, to be brainwashed
And most to time it's true
But those happy ever afters
Are our lessons,
Taught before we learn to think
They are the rainbows,
We all look so forward to
After all, the rain it will fall
But our princes will come to call
We all we want of those we love
Is for them to be;
Our princes
Our white knights
Our happy ever afters
He thinks I'm too smart for that
But they got me too
Cause all I want is my
Happy ever after