I look back,
Longing to take those steps again.
Sensation and yet, surrealism,
Seem to be only a fading memory,
Like a dream slipping away with the fresh due of the morning.

The Power you gave me,
Is only bitter comfort,
For now I walk alone,
Like a pilgrim in the night.
You left me.
You let go of my hand.

I face the horrors,
Their like a ghost yet an angel at the same time.
I long to ask the question,
Why me?
Why do you try me as you did Job?

Yet, light shines over the horizon,
It comes up from the west.
You brought me from the frozen tundra,
To a place, which is an enigma to me.
The colors so odd but make so much sense.

I am resistant though,
As questioning as Judah,
Yet, I would never betray,
Berate, ridicule, and die!
I call you a savior,
Like Jesus himself,
But I've yet to be saved,
I must find salvation within myself.
To find the peace I so greatly desire.

I look to yesterday….now,
When everything seemed so easier…Wake up!