A/N: If you have Windows Media Player 10, and go to "Battery : Cotton Star" That is what inspired me to write it. I liked it a lot so yeah...

Dancing colors on my screen.

Rarely ever swirling.

Just dancing on the screen, with dots and rays.

The different colors entrancing me.

The crimsons, blues, silvers, blacks, greens, pinks, yellows, grays, purples.

They dance with the song, always changing.

Loving the way they just dance all the time.

I want to dance with them.

Like them.

In a pixilated world.

Swirling inside my eyes, my mind.

Sparking my imagination,

Wanting me just to play with them.

As the songs play, the colors still dance.

They never tire.

They just dance the day away, if you'd let them.