Kind inviting words, sweet smiles.

People laughing, girls giggling, boys playing a sport.

The adults watch with a careful eye.

Come to the world where everyone is equal.

Come back to where race, gender, and stereotypes weren't there.

Come back to where the routine was the same.

Families always ate dinner together, at the same time each night.

Children didn't have to be told to clean their room. It was already done.

Spotlessly clean, their rooms, their faces, their hands, everything.

But not in today's world.

Today the anorexic teens, still say they're fat.

More abusive people, more murders, more pain in the world.

So harsh, so disgusting.

It appears that people have lost all common courtesy and more.

So many people can't be treated equal.

The stereotypes, the discrimination.

I know how cruel people are.

The threats, the ridicules, the pushes, the shoves.

Why can't people just drop the differences?

Be nicer.

Besides, it's not what's on the outside that counts.

It's what's on the inside.

It's not like people can choose their family, their relatives, their heritage, their race.

Drop the stereotypes, drop the discrimination.

Just use the golden rule of life.

Treat others how you want to be treated.

You treat someone like shit; they'll probably treat you like shit back.

Then you wonder why.

You didn't get to know them.

Behind it all is all that matters.