My mind race as thoughts of despair cloud my judgment

I look at the person in the mirror and wonder who it is

Who is this person that ponders murder and spite

Who is the face that wields that knife,

Life goes on is what I hear but for one moment time has stopped

The face I know not has taken control

Hands trembling, brows sweating

The urge is great, why is it so

Thoughts as real as day flash before my eyes

Vision incomprehensible by the norm

But yet there I am,

I fear for those around,

Against the rage of this demon within,

He knows not fear,

He know no boundaries,

how was he created this I cannot say,

days go by I stay confined in my cage

unaware of the thoughts of the trashing beast looking back at me

who is the demon that I see

when I look in the mirror staring back at me,

as I turn away he speaks,

I am the evil that lurks within,

I am you and you are me,

I am the thing we all have inside,

I am within all,

I am the darkness that is in your soul,

To deny me is to deny yourself.