The solid walls of concrete
That line the invisible barrier
My existence in this house
Is nonexistent

Wind that blows across the land
Rain that patters on the windowpane
None of this can bring me
The same solace you do

I love you; there is no lie
But I cannot speak the words
The teachings that beat down on me
Hardened my now emotionless soul

Fire that burns willingly
Water that cools anger
None of this can revive me
The same way you can

Guilt flows darkly in my veins
Why can't I speak these words?
I refuse true life and soul
Walk away from pure happiness

I love you, my dear
But now there is no lie
I must not let you
Waste your heart on me

There is but one thing I can do
To set you free from your love for me
Since I cannot speak to you
I must die for you