From the Window Seat

1 February 2005

10:38 PM

Amelia sat quietly in the window seat of her and her lover's bedroom, looking out over the snowy landscape of their property. Her knees were drawn up to her chest and her arms wrapped securely around them. Her head was rested upon her knees, her long chestnut locks covering her arms. A quiet, pensive sigh escaped past her lips. She was started suddenly by a noise from behind her and quickly jerked her head to see what interrupted her peace. She breathed a sigh of relief.

"Julianna, it is only you." She said, her expression relaxing.

Julianna raised a brow, her emerald eyes sparkling with both mirth and concern. "Indeed, it is only I. It has been quite a while since I have found you in the window seat, Amelia. Is there anything troubling you?" She asked in concern.

Amelia was quick to shake her head negatively in response, further concerning her lover. "No, darling. I have just been thinking, nothing more."

Julianna entered the room fully, coming to sit next to her soul mate. She reached across and lightly stroked Amelia's arm. "About what, dear heart? It must be something rather important to you if it brings you to your window."

For once, Amelia turned her head from her lover. Her amber eyes, reflected in the glass of the window, betrayed her inner conflict. "I cannot, Julianna. I promised myself I would not ever…" She buried her head in her arms. "I have been thinking about it for so long."

"What is it, Amé?" Julianna asked gently, using a lighthearted pet name for her beloved that was rarely used in the hopes of calming Amelia.

Finally, after several tense moments, Amelia looked up to meet Julianna's eyes. "Julianna… Do you remember when we visited your sister and your niece?" At Julianna's confused affirmation, she continued, "Since then… I have not been able to get the thought from my mind. I want to have a child, Julianna."

This time, it was Julianna who sighed in relief. "Love, you should not have been so afraid to tell me. That thought has crossed my own mind on more than a few occasions, to be honest, my darling. If you wish, we could contact adoption agencies? Or we could try the in-vitro fertilization that seems so popular these days. It would take quite a while, to be sure, but it is well within our limits."

"Are… do you mean it, darling? You would really wish to?" Amelia's tone was one of disbelief; she could hardly believe that her lover was so open to the idea of their having a child.

"Of course, melamin. I would love nothing more than to raise a child with you." Julianna reached forward and embraced her love gently. She ran her fingers through Amelia's hair as she spoke quietly, "I love you more than my own life, Amelia. You should never feel afraid to come to me with your thoughts, darling, even if you think I will disagree or be upset. Remember what I told you? I am with you forever; nothing will ever change that. You are my heart."

The couple merely embraced until Amelia pulled back slightly and softly kissed her beloved. In this position, they stayed for several moments until they broke away, looking into each other's eyes and silently renewing their heartfelt vows of love. Outside the window before which they sat, soft flakes of snow swirled around in the gentle winter breeze as if nature itself was rejoicing their love.