Why did you have to ruin my high
just as it was getting good
why do you have to spoil my fun
after I had been sad for so long
why do you do this to me
now my tears they are no longer happy
and my face so grim and long
there is a heaviness that I cannot lift
it hits me down so hard
why do you do this
and change my sight
to that of bleak and hate
when before I felt nothing
but hope and love
I blame you because I cannot believe
that I would condemn myself to such a fate
even though I do
I always have, I always will
you are right
the reason the pain sits so nicely
on the pen and ink
is because that is all I hold
inside of me
happiness when felt
is immediately released
until nothing more is left
than the sadness of before
I should not believe these words
you say it
but that does not make it true
I can be happy
I can
so I only blame this on you