Written the 32nd December 2012

Titles are stupid; therefore there is no title which in itself is an oxymoron for one could say this was a title…..still pondering this issue

In my closet lays a world. It sits in a black and red shoebox in the far left corner right next to my old Barbie collection. Now, to all you people unknown to the basics of world keeping, taking care of a world is rather simple. It doesn't take much space and it's not messy or anything unless its citizens happen to blow up the world. But, seeing as having a world blow up is highly unlikely and would take many years for the natives to do so, I wouldn't worry about it. But, I'm not here to teach you how to take care of a world. Though if you wish to have one I'm sure you could find one at your local drug store. Of course, if this is your first time growing a world I recommend that you get the green box for with those worlds you don't have to worry about the inhabitants rebelling and demanding not to be ruled by such a petty keeper.

Now, onto my world…. As I've told you it sits in a shoebox. It doesn't really have a definite size or anything but I am able to hold it in the palm of my hand. The world is a reddish colour and has a sort of a light purple tint (though that's only because of an incident with food colouring). The people on the world are a strange sort – though you could say that is because of my influence. But then, I did opt for the purple box world which it supposed to be rather abnormal. Anyhow, the people aren't exactly people. Mainly, they are just some type of floating gas chemical-like being. Now, that may seem cool and all but it's rather awkward if anything, for if I open the box some of the inhabitants tend to fly all over my room because their world has no gravity. And that, sadly, is why the world doesn't have a population problem. But let's move on. The really cool thing is their colour. Yes, that may sound racist but really it isn't. Since they are gases and gases are usually coloured, alas, they are coloured.

Well, let me explain before you ask any questions. The people's colour depends on their mood, kind of like a giant mood ring. There's the color scale of – let's say yellow and blue – in the far end it is yellow where it mean's they're happy. In the other end there's blue which means they are sad. If they're right in the middle (green) they're just nonchalant. Of course this is rather useful; knowing the people's moods, for then you can take the sad people and take them to some nice beach resort where they can sort out their feelings and become happy and so on. (The ability to keep the inhabitants of your world happy is very useful if you want to become a skilled world keeper.) There is also the colour scale of white and red. Red, which is in the far right of the scale means they're angry. If they are white, which is on the far left of the colour scale means they are calm. Right in the middle they are pink, which means they are in harmony with calmness and anger. This is also useful because you can just take the angry people and fling them out of the world so the world is rid of angry people. Though doing that is rather sadistic and could be the other reason in why my world has no population problem. Of course, this also leads to why some people should never be able to own worlds….

Please do not be insulted by my lunacy. I do not wish to offend.

Thanks for reading.