Shadow Man

Shadow Man

I'm behind you
I'm the one that you can't see
I'm the shadow
Of what you want to be
I'm the nightmare
Tomorrow's fantasy
Waiting by your shoulder
You can't see me but I'm there

I'm haunting you
I'm the dreams of your youth
The memories of yesterday
The ghosts of hidden truth
Images of ecstasy
Forgotten fantasies
I'm always two steps behind you
To show you how it is

I'm Shadow Man, I chase you
I'm always just behind
I'm Shadow Man, I follow on
I'm lurking in your mind
Shadow Man knows everything
All you wanted to forget
The things best left forgotten
People you wish you'd never met

I'm following you
I can't be chased away
I make sure you remember
Things you never meant to say
I'm all your childhood memories
Rolled up into one
Every ghost and every monster
Everything you've ever done

I'm Shadow Man
I can't be bought or sold
I grow up with your memories
And haunt you when you're old
I'm Shadow Man
Lord of frustration and fear
You'll never be able to shake me
Wherever you go I'll always be near

You can try to run away
You can try to hide from me
But the Shadow Man is a part of you
The watcher you cannot see
I'm the pain you thought was buried
The debts you left unpaid
I'm the wounds that never healed
I'm every mistake you ever made

The Shadow Man is with you
Remembering your tears
I'll always be beside you
Growing with your fears
You may think that you've lost me
But I'll be waiting deep inside
To prey upon your consciousness
When your mind's unoccupied