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I'm Gone

Fine, I'll shut up

And watch you fall

I'll let you go

And leave you all

Cuz I know when I'm not wanted

And I know how things work

When you're in, you're in

When you're out, things hurt.

I'm not in, I know, I quit

You got the point across, I'm just gonna split

Because I don't deserve this, and you don't deserve me

The condescending attitudes and lost feelings shouldn't be

What we had wasn't a friendship, it was a contract

You just better know, what goes around comes back

I'm not saying I'll hurt you, I'm just letting you know

That you'll know what goes on when you've just been let go

I'll shut up, if it appeases, but know this- it was me who was down on my knees

It was me who left, who finally gave up, because let's face it

Your games are too rough and nobody wants to play

There's a reason I left and that I left today

Cuz things are goin down, I was already out for the count

I'm ditching you, let it be known,

I gotta be somewhere where my true colors can be shown

I'm tired of running, sick of being shot down, and sick

Of being chased by every damn cop in town, and don't tell me

You need me, and that I'm your only one, just because I was willing

To fight and I won. There'll always be others, better recruits

There'll always be guns, and those who will shoot, This is all I have to say...

So I'll shut up now, and walk away.

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