The shunned By Lissa Howe

I raise my head and look at the shunned,

Pity fills my eyes,

I think to my self… Why?

Why do we though the demons, the Gods and the people aside?

I'm summoned at this thought to my gods temple,

I Shunned Him when the Gods of Evil took over the world,

I shunned him out of fear,

Will I be forgiven?

What will be my punishment?

I reach the town where His temple

, Lie,

Shunned with the town I once knew,

It's been a long time scenes anyone has been in this town,

Is it inevitable that the would is oblivious to the good Gods in this would and to this town?

I think of the probability of my survival today,

I know it's not likely that I do survive,

I walk to the temple,

I press my hands upon the door and push it in slowly,

I walk in and the door shuts slowly behind me,

"You are the only one who dared to show here, I like your courage Cassie."

A voice came from the darkness,

A ray of hope strikes me maybe I would live,

Two loud claps and torches light, the room

I fall to my knees and bow my head,

Would he be merciful?

Would he let me live?

Through my fear of the evil that dominated the world I start to cry,

I feel the presence of his hand upon my shoulder,

It was full of mercy,

"I forgive you, but not the others, you came back, they did not."

I raise my head tears falling to the ground,

"Thank you" I say bowing my head again,

I don't know if I should jump up and hug him of if I should remain on my knees

Before I could deside he was gone,

The lights fade out and the door opens.