"I thought we could stop running?"

Seris rolled herself out of bed. The floor met her body hard but the carpeting softened the impact. She stood and let out a long yawn as she went to her mirror. She stared at her shattered reflection for. It wasn't a week after she moved that she through a fist into the glass. It beautiful round face was disfigured by the scared and it seemed as if a thousand eyes were staring back at her. She sighed and yanked open her dresser drawer and pulled out everything she figured would scare off any human contact. Seris Kathleen Solis was one of thirty in the house. Her mother and father ran it as if they were king and queen because technically, they were. They were the last pack of pure blooded werewolves in the states who had managed to survive since the ancient race was created by the great God so many years ago. Originally, they were supposed to be the human's companions. They were supposed to keep the monsters away during the full moons. It wasn't until there power grew that the humans considered them monsters and beasts when in reality it was the personality of the werewolf…not the race itself. Seris's father, Roland, was the alpha male of the pack and ran it with both compassion and strictness. Her mother had recently been killed by a small band of hunter's, one of the many reasons she was now attending another school, in another state. She groaned as she thought of the humans. She pulled her long silver hair back and once again stared at the broken reflection. "Great…"

With a small pale hand she yanked her bedroom door open and was instantly met with the constant noise of the home. Her large family was housed in two homes in separate but close towns. Seris just happened to live in the larger of the two with her twenty aunts, uncles, cousins, and her mother and father. There were also two couples and their children they had welcomed to their pack only weeks before the move. She greeted them with a nod as she pulled her patched up back pack out of the closet. Just when she thought she was going to get out on time her father pulled her into his study.

"Yes?" Seris asked, annoyed with the fact that she was going to be late on her first day of school.

Roland sat her down in one of the big leather chairs. "You know the rules Seris right?"

"Yes! You've told me every single time I go to a new school. Don't can't get close, don't invite anybody over, and only talk when absolutely necessary. Now may I please go to school before every teacher has an instant grudge against me?" Seris yelled.

Roland nodded and allowed his daughter to leave. This would've been their fifth move this year alone, if word got out again it would make six and they were running out of places to hide.