promises unkept, as you walk away, for the last time. again.

promises unkept. I really can't stand your careless goodbyes.

so goodbye. goodbye.

Promises unkept, roles we never played, yet still acted on stage.

choices we don't make. promises we make, never intend to keep.

hold me close to push me further away.

walk away. again.

promises unkept, hope we lost so long ago. we fell apart. no tape or glue. to put us back together.

promises unkept. you'll tear us apart to prove to yourself. that is was never worth it. or was it worth it? it hurts to think like this. still.

confusion at it's clearest form. clarity costs. you'll pay anything. I won't. lost is the only thing i can still feel.

promises unkept, while we fight again about the meaningless of everything. you always win, while i sink into insecurity. do you notice? you promised. but so did i. so did i.

promises unkept, i'll blame my shaking on the cold, while you laugh loud. winter is always harder. you're hard to cope with. as you say goodbye. goodbye for the last time.

promises unkept. another night alone cause you don't believe in love. and you never believed in me. and never believed in us. well i don't believe in love.

and you walk away for the last time. again. i hope it's the last time. with promises unkept. promises unkept.