It's all a fucking guilt trip
That's what I get from you
My best friend?
That he's gunna come between us?
It's been seven months already
Give him a break
Give me a break
I'm not sure how much longer
I can deal with your power trips
Always needing to be in control
Always needing to feel loved
By everyone
Well you are
So stop worrying
You over-dramatic little whore
We've been friends for eight years
Why would that stop now?
I fell in love
Sorry if you don't understand
Some people have a heart
Some people know happiness
I'm not depressed…
Well I wasn't
Can't you tell me your problems
To my face?
Can't you tell me to my face?
I'm sure it's not hard
I know you hate him
But get over it
You're being a fucking bitch
You must have some ego
You're so full of yourself
"Woe is me"
It's all about attention
You're just as bad as the ones you make fun of
To you life is just a game
Love means nothing
"Live your life"
I am living mine
With the greatest man alive
You'll just have to accept it.