For anyone who has ever been in love,

You'll know what I mean,

When I describe the pain,

And when I describe the joy,

Your stomach twists & knots,

Your heart stops,

And you hold your breath,

As he or she walks by,

And even when you smiled back,

Deep inside you wish you could've cried,

Because it never gets better,

It never subsides,

And no matter who you are,

Or what you do,

Someday it'll get to you too,

Happy and sad at the same time,

You will laugh,

And you will cry,

And all at once,

It will all seem to fall apart,

So just remember to grab it while you can,

Because even the pain you feel now,

Is no where near to what you'll feel then,

When your stomach twists & knots,

When your heart stops,

When you hold your breath,

And you let he or she walk by.