I need to do this in a certain way
I need to accentuate the gravity of the situation
See the look in my eyes
On my way to work
After a liqueur coffee
And too many Alka-Seltzer
At half nine on a Saturday morning
Fast forward to half nine on a Saturday night
There's so much more to the party
A couple of bottles of wine
And a buffet of pills
Why isn't anybody smiling,
It's supposed to be a night on the town?
I've seen the blackened lungs on the billboards around my housing estate,
And still I take a trip to Marlboro country
Because I've got more important things to deal with, baby doll,
I don't have a lover
And I don't have a fortune
But I do have a box of pills
And a half bottle
And I'm ready for the night
So let's go and try to find some pleasure

As someone else.