It's not my problem
If you ruined your life
I was scared

For you,
Or Maggie, as you called yourself
We ran away once upon a time
And now you've met a married man
And had his child
And he is forty years your senior
But it doesn't matter
If you think you are in love
And you're moving in with him
You're seventeen, now, honey
You are old enough to know
The ins and outs of his mind

Maggie, you were cruel and unkind
You were my best friend
And still you
Tore me to pieces.
I am not upset
Despite the mess you've made of everything
Because you made me want to die
You made me hate my best friends
For a heck of a long time

And if you need a number to ring
I don't think you should call mine
We haven't really spoken in years
And you were overdosing for different reasons to me
You were downing pills
And I was drinking myself to sleep
Is that the basis for a friendship
When you're only fourteen?

I think we hesitated far too much
And I was never really quite
The one
You never realised
But you were nothing special
And between us all we did
Was stagger blindly
Through the forest of our youth
We did a lot of things
That we both regretted

And now you're falling into line
With a middle aged fiance and you think it's just fine
But I'm not convinced
No I'm not convinced
No you don't fool me, girl
You don't fool me, my girl
So I'll have to step aside.