I danced with you
That night
We broke some rules
Cigarettes on the way to school
But that's not so bad

I held your hand
And said
That it's okay
Waking up to the light of day
But it's alright

You smelt of
But you were sweet
Such a shame that I was beat
By the end of the road

It took a while
I realised that you
Were far too, far too cool
But I'm not crying anymore
No I'm not shaking anymore
And we're not fighting anymore
So it's alright

And if you're horrified
By lightweight confessions
I'm afraid to play the fool
Unless I'm up on pills
And alcohol
Darling, you sang songs to me
In your mother's native tongue
And I promised we'd go to Italy
And Prague together, don't you see
It was such a lovely dream?