I remember dark nights

When hope felt so far away

I remember tears I've cried

Thought I'd never be okay

But I remember you were there

Through all those darkened days

You were there to comfort me

So, I just felt the need to say

Thank you

For never leaving

Despite all my doubts

You kept on believing

And, so many times

You could have walked away

Just one goodbye

And yet, you chose to stay

And I don't understand

Why you even care

I don't know what I've done to earn

All your continued prayers

But I thank God every night

For what He's done through you

Since the first day that we met

You've helped more then you knew

Thank you

For carrying me

When I was lost in my hurt

You helped me to see

That the freedom I thought I had lost

Was not too far away

And tho' the road looked long and hard

By my side, you said you'd stay

Drowning in my tears

Lost in all my fears

That's where I'd be

Without you

Without you

And there's nothing I can say

No, nothing I can do

That'll ever be enough

Thank you

Thank you