Slow down and just live for a while

You don't get hurt if you give 'em a smile

'Cause here's an invisible sun

Covered by storm clouds on the run

And today…today…

Slow down, just look 'round and stare

At ghosts in the mirror that aren't really there

And if you're so happy,

Why are you still so afraid?

Blow the dandelions, make one wish

Swim with the birds and fly with the fish

Thinking 'bout secrets you never did hear

Stop the tears…

Slow down, it's hard to belong

When you keep on moving, and isn't this wrong?

So lost and alone, so you keep on trying

To exceed.

And now…

Just a girl with so many dreams

But just so many gaps in-between

The house is so empty, and she never really does

Come home.

Slow down, it's gonna be alright

Wide plastic smile so beautiful bright

Why does nobody see

That she isn't this strong or that brave?

Slow down, just close your eyes

And let the dreams come to surround you with lies

Guess I never did really grow out of the habit of flight…

So slow down…It's gonna be all right.