Training Day

Training Day, for Iraq
Pack, sack, and attack

Here come the Chief
But who's got his back?
Brewers hate to discourage,
But try liquid courage
Some were there when they were your age

Captain, what a hand you're dealt?
Recall President Roosevelt
Striken to wheels like Christopher Reeve?
Madame Chang just wouldn't leave

Pow! Here comes Mao!
And we wonder: we lost China how?

Iraq's Hussein, the next Pol Pot?
If so, I'll divine a plot:
He can be shot, caught, crushed to a dot

Look what I sneaked in the diplomatic bag!
Real live soldiers, no time lag
I've got Rambo, here to brag
Two kids fond of laser tag

You like venison?
I brought a stag

Keyboard Kings can right the wrongs, a new brand of Protest song
Lead the pack to paradise
We are men
We're not mice

Is my suit defective?
I'll role the dice
Though under-protective..
I won't be Ted Williams, a block of ice.