No light waking

Shatter silence; glass breaking

Now echoing dread

Silent in my ears; cold and dead

Moonlight sparkles on glass

Scattered on the floor; no mistake as you walk pass

Midnight cloaked and wolfish grin

Snickering cheeks and a conasuer of sin

Loosely the wind brushes the wall

Smooth as a snake's grace he moves down the hall

Lungs in different beats, mine hard and quick

Soft and non-existant is his, making me sick

Knowing he comes closer to this room of mine

Sends shivers of terror down and up my spine

Knife unsheathed, Reflecting moonlight and perverse pleasure

Stops at my door and enter he will i'm sure

Just as i've predicted

Soon he comes, but wait i'm contridicted

Jested i was, he closed my door, to keep me

Silent for he's after my mother you see

He walked on with the glinting knife

Sleeping was my mother the best she had in her life

Hovering over her sleeping form, held the knife

Smoothed her hair while she dreamed of a wonderful life

Glass continued to reflect moonlight

She was fast asleep, he started to weep at the sight

Glinting knife now removed from her throat

Standing he's weeping a moat

Forever i'll remember why he didn't kill

She looked like an angel in the light and lost his will

Forgetting his rage

Something provoked him to break life's cage

Even now, no one knows why

Spilled his crimson blood so he could die

Elixer of life, shimmered in the light of the moon

Shown in horror and macabre as death came soon

Divulging all he could before his death

Smeering a message til his last breath

Done as he whispered her name

Something he had no other to blame

Could this ending be more tragic?

Sure it could, here's the magic

Call it a curse if you will, but ironically

She was dreaming of them living happily

Butchered himself for no reason

Shouldn't have wasted his blood by the bason

But death is final no returns

So now from misery her heart burns

Agony spread when she read the bloody message

She cried for years over that message

At the end of the final statement

She read "I love you til eternity's end, you were an angel heaven sent"