"Where Is Your Heart?"

Giving up is so easy for you to say.

But you don't realize you could give up too.

And it's not even about giving up;

You're wrong.

But you're so stubborn you'd rather lose me,

Than admit I'm right.

We've been through so much together,

I'm the only one who seems to care about it though.

It's like you betrayed me,

And everything I say you never understand.

You say you do but you haven't said sorry yet.

How long am I going to have to wait?

There's an empty feeling inside me,

Every time you look my way I want to cry.

My smiles are always fake,

Hiding the pain in my heart.

Yes it's going to heal overtime,

But can't you see I don't want to forget about anything?

I don't want to hurt anymore,

And I don't want to feel hopeless anymore.

I guess I'm not important to you,

Because I don't think you care about what you're losing.

Tell me,

Where is your heart?