I awake to the sound of a lawnmower… for the fifth time this week. I'm starting to think that there is seriously something wrong with the man residing at number 14. This obsession of his with mowing the grass... How long can grass grow in the space of a couple of hours? I've never actually stopped and watched grass grow. I'm sure it's a very rewarding past time… too bad that I have better things to do with my time. Great things such as… waking up, and… watching TV, and eventually going back to bed to be ready for another day of simulating activity. If I was someone else, I'm sure I'd be jealous of my life…

If only being lazy and slothful was more fulfilling than it actually is. 'I gotta get up, I gotta get goin', I gotta meet a friend of mine.' If only, I too, were round and fuzzy I might have an amazing life filled with adventure. Oh Pooh Bear, I envy you. Yeah… this is a great day. Its starts off with me envying a cartoon character.

So I'm pulling my self out of bed. Actually I'm not even in bed as I wake. I'm on the floor wondering who made beds so high and fall-out-able. Sixty centimeters is way to high. This is going to be a great day. I can feel it in my bones…

I'm running for the bus now. While running, I don't think of us now, I think of the possibilities of getting to my destination without making a complete ass of myself. It's not very likely.

"Lu? Is that you?"

Damn, I've been spotted.

"Lucy McNeil? I can't believe it! It is you!"

Yes. Un fortunately it is me. Who is this person who is talking like a middle-aged woman in a 20-year high school reunion.

"Yeah. Um…Clarissa, Hi! How are you?"

"I'm great! Uni is great! You won't believe how much fun I'm having. And you know Reece? She's there with me. We won a Frisbee competition the other day. It's amazing! You should have been there!"

This might all seem slightly interesting if I didn't know it all already. Clarissa is not the old woman who it might have seemed that she was. She, Reece and myself, are only seventeen and only finished high school 2 months ago. Her amazement to see me was a little exaggerated already. And I knew all the above because Reece and I were … as much as I hate the label, Best friends. I was even watching the Frisbee competition.

"Clar, I was there."

"Oh really? Well Bond is just the most amazing Uni ever. We're Uni students!"

"Yeah. It must be great"

"Oh… I forgot. You haven't started yet. Well take it from me its absolutely fantastic. We all love it so much!"

She's been there for a week and she's already an expert. Well she is an expert at being condescending. I just knew that I should have waited and got the 11:05 bus. Don't get my wrong. I don't dislike Clarissa. I just don't like her. She's one of these people who look amazing and have a daddy who is willing to pay for everything and overlook every 'mishap' that occurs involving their darling daughter. And then the mobile phone rings. I really love my phone.

"Clar, I'll talk to you later?" I'm saying as I'm rifling thru my bag trying to locate my phone. Gum, Mirror, Oh, there's that lip-gloss I couldn't find last week. Bingo!

" 'Ello?"

" Morgan? I can't remember what time we were meeting. Was it 1? Or 11?"

It's Reece. She is the most disorganized person I think I have ever met, not counting self. And yes, Morgan is my nickname. I have parents who decide to name me Lucy Amy McNeil. Someone was watching too much Banana's in Pajamas. And this meeting thing with Reece is something that we have done once a week for the past two months. So far she had forgotten what day it was to happen twice. And she has never been on time. I'm seriously wondering how she manages to get to class on time.

"Neither. 11:30. I'm actually surprised that you remembered both the day, and my number"

"Morgs, That is a bit of embellishment. Since you put you name in my phone under Sexy Beast have I ever forgotten which was your number? No. And I knew it was Friday because TV said that One Tree Hill was on tonight." Yes… TV is very informative. It helped me pass in religion because my essays were pretty much the plots of random TV shows. Like the values and ethics that are displayed in the last episode of Popular. Harrison learned that he and Sam belonged together despite Brooke being the better looking of the two and in spite the fact that Sam looked like a whore with all the blue eye shadow she was wearing. Needless to say, I wasn't Rev. O'Toole's favorite student.

"So R, How about, since you're awake and I'm on the bus practically at our destination, we'll meet in 10. At the Golden Arches?"

"'K. Ciao-Ciao" And with that we hang up just in time for me to get off the bus. I cannot multitask. There is no way I can talk on the phone and get off a bus at once. It is impossible. Just can't do it. I'm like the Anti-Nike.

And now I'm sitting a table waiting for my partner in crime, and I spot him. Don't get excited or anything, its just… Him. He is the most … beautiful guy I've seen. He is the one guy who I actually think can be called pretty. He's just got the darkest brown eyes, and his hair it sticks up in nearly every direction but because of that it gives him a … an aura? of innocence and fun. How pathetic do I sound? But he is the reason why we choose this Golden Arches to meet up each week. Reece, being my closest acquaintance, a.k.a. my best friend, knows all this before I even told her and thus her insistence if coming here all our weekly coffee meetings.

"Hey hey!"

"Hey, what we getting to drink?"

"Well… I want a double espresso and a big breakfast. What 'bout you?" This might seem strange… but the Golden Arches as we dubbed our 'café' is McDonalds. It's the cheapest place for a feed and plus… He works here. I'm sounding like an infatuated schoolgirl…"But…" damn Reece for interrupting my thoughts," I'll get the food if you get the coffees" Why is she smirking? Oh… now I see. The McCafe attendant is Him. After two months of coming here I still haven't spoken to him and I think that R is getting sick of my constant staring at him.

"Deal. But I want a happy meal and your paying." I'm now walking over to the counter and hoping that his shift is over in a matter of seconds so that I don't have time to embarrass myself in front of him.

"Hi. I'm Aaron, how may I help you?" His name is Aaron!!! I'm standing here just blinking at him. I'm making a complete ass of myself…

"A double espresso and a Iced chocolate please." I'm proud that I managed to get thru that without stuttering.

"That comes to a total of $7.60" He even has a cute voice. I can't believe I used the word cute in my thoughts. At least he isn't a mind reader. But the word cute disgusts me. I need to look away. The fact that he is keeping my eye contact for the entire exchange is kinda creepy… maybe he likes me… no he just wants a tip. Sorry mate, but in Australia we only tip in restaurants and clubs. And the humble Macca's is neither. Well it is a family restaurant… does that count? I should say something. Or at least pay him.

"Here." Wow. I am a master of the English language. I don't think I could be more articulate if I tried.

"Thanks. Come again. And tell your friends about us." Did he just wink at me? Got to make it to the table. Please don't fall. Please don't fall. Phew. I didn't fall. R is at the table by the time I get back. I grab my happy meal and iced chocolate.

What's this!!! A serviette with Aaron followed by a phone number on it! I look back at him. DID HE JUST WINK AT ME AGAIN!!! I'm going to pass out!