Monte Girls

Monte is always packed in the summer; the tourists flood in, armed with their sunscreen and cameras, ready to snap pictures of our golden beaches and quaint boardwalks. Smiling goofily, ready for the summer of their lives, which usually starts with learning how to surf. Sadly, they all expect to end up a pro like Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush. Unfortunately, after they fail at that for a couple of days, they end up lying around the beach, getting in my way. For the most part, I ignore them, and the number one rule for a Monte girl, is don't get involved with a tourist. It's never been a hard rule to follow before, until I met him. And then things changed.

Whenever something is bothering me or I have something really important coming up, like a dance recital or a test, I walk on the beach. I've lived next to the beach since I was little so just walking in sand calms me down. There's something about the waves, sun and sand that make my heart slow down and chill out. So, when one of my best guy friends suddenly told me he was in love with me, it called for a little beach time. So there I was just walking on the beach, hoping to leave my problems behind in the damp sand, when I stumbled upon him. Literally. One second, I was alone in my own thoughts, drifting along on a cloud, and the next second, I was sprawled awkwardly on the ground, clutching at my ankle, which was throbbing from its less than graceful twist on the way down.

"Are you okay?" I heard a voice ask from behind me, concern weaving its way in. I forced myself to take a glance upwards, towards the voice, and saw a pair of gorgeous green eyes staring down at me. My stomach flipped and my mouth opened, somehow, allowing words to pass through.

"Um…I think my ankle…I twisted my ankle…because it's kind of…throbbing and it…yeah." I finished lamely, still mesmerized by the intoxicating warmth that was beginning to spread as I took in all of him. He was beautiful. His sandy blonde hair was messy, like he'd just gotten up from a long nap, and his face was tan, chiseled, against the brightness of his eyes.

He didn't even hesitate before scooping me out of the sand and into his arms. I think my mouth fell open for a split second and I'm sure I resembled a codfish or something equally humiliating, but eventually, I managed to close it. And just like that I was suddenly very aware of each little movement, each little touch, each little glint of light…this was bad, very, very bad. After all, the whole reason I was out wandering the beach like a lost puppy was, because of boy trouble, and I had absolutely no desire to start something with someone new, no matter how much desire they were currently stirring.

"I'm Danny." He said, with a little smile, enough so that I could see the very definite dimple in his left cheek. Dimples, my one true weakness, well, that and Momma's boys. But then again, he looked like a boy who would swipe a kiss on his Mom's cheek before heading out. I grinned, at the thought, well, as much as I could manage, because while I loved being in Danny's buff arms, my ankle still hurt. Really bad.

"Hi, Danny. I'm Valerie, Val for short." My voice sounded strained and I was sure, I wasn't looking all that seductive or sexy at the moment. I was biting my lip as a matter of fact and sweating like a hog.

"Well, Val, let's find you a First Aid Station."

"You don't have to do that." I started, protesting at once, trying to remember how far back I'd seen a lifeguard station. How could I let him carry me for that long? Especially since I was feeling sweat trickle down my back?

He cut me off. "What kind of gentleman would I be if I left a damsel in distress to fend for herself against…?"

"Against what?" I asked, somewhat amused. Sure, my ankle smarted, but there was hardly anything else dangerous on this beach. I looked around, watching as he did the same, with a teasing grin on his face.

"Well, that man looks like he could kill you just by sitting on you and there are a few crabs around here with shady reputations. What kind of man would I be if I left a beautiful girl alone with scary shellfish and an overweight tanner?" He was referring to a man, lathered with lotion, lying on his back, poking at his fat with a frustrated look on his face. And there were a few crabs scattered along the shore.

"Well, then, I suppose I'll have to let you rescue me." I agreed. "But as the damsel in distress, I will have to save you back some day. It's proper protocol nowadays, feminist movement…you know?"

A smile played on his kissable lips, "You want to save me? And how are you going to do that?"

"Well, maybe not save, but I could take you out…for a movie and then dinner? Nothing too big, after all, you could have a reputation as shady as those crabs." The words were flying out of my mouth before I could stop myself. And to tell you the truth, no one could have been more shocked than me. Here I was, being sexy and coy, and…totally unlike the normal me, who sat in the corner and watched her friends booty dance with all the cute guys at the party. Granted, I wasn't a wallflower by any means. Monte girls are Monte girls, but I had never really "picked up" a guy before and sadly, I was really enjoying it.

Danny, however, was not aware that this was completely out of character for me and smiled, like he was pleased by my boldness. "Sounds good." He said with a devilish smile that made me feel weaker, if that was possible. "Here, we are." He announced.

I glanced over to see a red lifeguard chair only a few feet away. "Wow." I said, impressed and slightly worried that he had managed to get me so far, without me realizing it, but I shrugged it off.

The lifeguard, a slightly pudgy Asian girl, probably a newbie flown in for a summer job, sprung out of her chair in a panic, looking rather frightened that someone was actually hurt. She snatched up a first aid kit and sprinted the distance (again, a few feet), to our side. "Hi, I'm Marcy. I'll take care of everything, ma'am, can you tell me what happened?"

Marcy? Seriously. "I twisted my ankle." I said, wondering if all the lifeguards had that corny opening speech and if I was even close to being old enough to deserve that ma'am.

"Ah, and can you put weight on it?"

"No." Thus the reason the hunky boy is carrying me, I wanted to add, but resisted. Danny bit back a smile at the sound of vague disbelief at her dumb question.

"Well, let's wrap it up and…sir, can you carry her to the main station?" She asked, wiping at the sweat on her forehead worriedly. I winced, thinking of him carrying me for longer. His arms had to be getting tired, though he was quite buff…off topic.

"Sure." Danny said with an ease that impressed me, and the lifeguard scurried to lie out a towel for me. "Careful." He said as he lowered me down to the huge red rectangle.

"You too." I said as he tipped me slightly onto the towel.

"So…Val." He said as he dropped down in the sand next to me, while the lifeguard ran off to get a first aid kit to wrap my ankle. "Are you vacationing in Monte?"

I winced at the word vacation, "God no, Monte's my hometown." I had forgotten of course the number one essential Monte girl rule, no dating tourists and I was sure that when I opened my mouth to ask him why he was occupying Montes' shore I was going to get a tourist response. And that sucked.

"I'm here for the summer." The fateful words echoed for a while before I managed to speak.

Great. "Oh, that's cool."

"Yeah, my parents wanted to get away from the city, pollution and greed. I guess Monte is their answer to relaxation."

"It's easy to relax in Monte. The beaches are awesome, the sunsets are killer and the girls are hot." It was almost like the town's motto, the reasons fell from my mouth before I even thought about them.

"Yes, well, at least, one girl I can think of is."

Was he actually talking about me? I grinned. "Oh really?"

"Yeah, except she's not exactly the most graceful girl on the planet…in fact, I met her, because she trip-"

"Maybe, the problem wasn't whether or not she was graceful, maybe the problem was certain people that were blocking her path." I commented, feeling more comfortable now then I ever had with any of the guys in Monte. The guys in Monte were cool, I had lots of guy friends and everything, but when it came to flirtatious conversation it felt forced.

"Ah, that could be." He smiled.

Marcy returned and started wrapping my ankle when Danny looked down at his watch and then back at me with a worried look on his face. "What?" I asked.

"I have to go."

"Ok." I tried to act nonchalant, but inside I was twisting. Should I ask for his number or give him mine? Or leave it up to him? But with women's lib it was up to the girl now, right? Shit, who cared what Cosmo Girl had to say…Danny was getting ready to go and I still didn't have his…

"I don't have your number." He remembered, suddenly, digging in his pocket for a cell phone.

I smiled, "No, you don't."

"May I please have it, Miss Valerie?" He asked, tilting his head the way a little kid or a puppy would do. I nodded, reciting it to him as he punched the numbers into his phone. "I am so sorry, but I have to go. I'll call later to check up on the patient." He hesitated and then leaned over, brushing a quick kiss on my cheek that made me tingle and feel all over.

And then, he stood up and walked away, taking one last glance at my dumbfounded face over his shoulder and then jogging down the beach, already talking on his cell phone by the fourth stride.

Marcy looked at me through bright purple sunglasses. "Finished. Boy, are you lucky, he's gorgeous. How long have you two been together?"

I looked up at her with a wicked grin on my face, together, "We aren't. Just met actually."

"Really?" She looked suspicious, but that just made me grin more. This was proving to be an interesting summer…

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