Morning Dilemma?

I wake up
every morning,
thank the Lord,
rub the sleep out of my eyes,
shake my head from side to side.

I have to
get dressed,
ponder my mood—
today will I feel angel-white
or solemn black like the much-missed night?

I consider,
I decide,
but no matter;
one thing always stays the same,
regardless of my being wild or tame.

My big boots
I always don,
it needs no decision:
whatever I want to do or say,
my boots go with me—every day.

Author's Notes: The assignment was to write about an article of clothing, I think...hehe, I thought this was cute. One of my first creative writing class things. Yes, I really do wear big ol' steel toes every day. And I love em. Thanks for reading! MJ
Date of Composition: September 15, 2004