Harmony Hato sat in the garden of her families 18 century mansion, looking up at the stars, a dream like look in her eyes; She has always loved looking at the stars ever since she was but a child of four. Sighing she brushed her dark black hair from her face as the wind started to pick up, making it colder outside and she was dressed in nothing but her night gown and robe. She hadn't bothered getting dressed before coming out to the gardens because it was around one in morning and her whole family along with the house staff were all asleep so no one knew she was out of bed at this late hour of the night.

And Harmony was thankful, she didn't want to get in trouble with her father or mother, since her parents already had a fight earlier that day. Sighing she stood up and wrapped her robe tighter around her trying to stop most of the chills she was getting from the late summer wind; Harmony was about to head inside when a movement in the bushes caught her eyes. Wandering what is was, thinking it was some animal that got into the garden, she walked towards the bushes she saw the movement coming from, and she gasped at what she saw. For there on the ground, behind the bushes laid an injured boy that looked about 19 about two years older than she herself was. Harmony eyes widen when she noticed the wound on his stomach, kneeling down and slightly moves his hand out of the way she looked at the wound closely noticing that it was caused by an arrow.

"He must have been out in the woods and a group of hunters must have mistaken him for a while animal and shot him" Harmony whispered brushing the brown hair from the boy's eyes and watched as she shivered, she then looked at the wall that surrounded the garden and the house on the other side of the wall was a forest and ever since she was young was told never to enter it for there were demons and other creatures in there. So then she wondered why he was in the forest in the first place unless you were a hunter but he looked nothing like one, that's when Harmony noticed the piece of cloth that covered part of his hair and she saw two tiny bumps. Confused Harmony reached forwards and carefully removed the cloth and for the second time that night her eyes went wide.

"Ears, he's got wolves ears" she gasped as she looked at the ears that came out of the boys head, no wonder he was wounded, he was a demon and the hunters were hunting him down. Harmony backed away just a little, she had never met a demon in her life but she had heard of them in stories from her mother and other guest that have come to the mansion, she felt like she needed to scream but nothing came out of her throat; Harmony just sat there looking at the wounded young male demon in front of her. But she almost screamed when the eyes of the boy snapped open and looked at her with slight reddish eyes with a gold tint in them, and it seemed like they were looking right past Harmony and into her very soul. "What do you want human?" the boy snarled at her, his ears twitching, bad move because Harmony's eyes widen and she cried.

"CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEE!" before she reached forwards grabbed his ears and started petting them, "Huh? Hey, let go of my ears wench" the boy growled pushing Harmony away from him, while backing away himself but only to wince because of his injury. "You really shouldn't move, you'll only open your wound more" Harmony stated moving closer to him only to have him backed away, 'Why do you care human, I'm a demon shouldn't you be afraid of me like everyone else or at least hate me?" he asked looking suspicious at Harmony who just giggled; "But why? You can't hurt me, not with that injury" Harmony said her voice softening with every word as the boy just stopped and looked at her before sighing. "The name is Menomaru Tanizaki, heir to the wolf demon tribe of the south, what is your human and where the hell am I?" Menomaru demanded more than asked not wanting Harmony to think that he was soft, which he really was at times, "My name is Harmony Hato and you happen to be in my families garden of our mansion you must have not been looking where you were going when you got that injury and came to the closest place that was near to get away from those hunters" Harmony smiled at Menomaru causing a slight tint of blush to come to his face.

"Who said I was being hunted by hunters, I came across a priestess bathing and she decided to shoot at me with a scared arrow getting me in the side" Menomaru grumbled clutching his side as it started to burn from the power of the scared arrow he was hit with. "Well it serves you right for spying on a woman while she's naked" Harmony scolded him crossing her arms proving her point, "Well that priestess shouldn't have been in the tribes territory" Menomaru growled he wasn't about to let this human out smart him. "So, she was still bathing, you're nothing but a pervert Menomaru."

Menomaru mentally winces when she said his name, for some reason just the way she spat it out at him as if she was scolding a child, made him feel something inside that he just couldn't explain. He had just met this human and for some reason when she said his name like it was venom made him feel hurt inside, but he couldn't explain why though. It wasn't like he was getting feelings for her, he had just met her and not to mention she was a human and he wasn't about to get feelings for a weak human female. Harmony was confused at the way Menomaru was looking at it, but just by looking into his eyes made her feel weak to her knees and a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach; His reddish, gold tinted eyes seems to draw her in as she leaned in closer to him and Menomaru leaned towards her as well. They were brought out of their trance when the voice of Harmony's mother sounded throughout the garden calling her to her daughter, Harmony eyes widen when she noticed how close they were and she backed away quickly as is she was just bitten by a snake.

"I have to go" she whispered getting to her feet and heading towards the mansion, but stopped and looked back at Menomaru, who was just getting up, "Oh what about your wound?" she asked not noticing the concern that was dripping of her voice and showing in her eyes; But Menomaru sure did and it made him smirk. "Heh this is nothing, I'll be healed in the morning, I gotta go, see ya around Harmony" Menomaru whispered her name before jumping onto the top of the wall winking at her before jumping out of sight. Blushing Harmony heard her mother call once more, "COMING MOTHER" she called back; Harmony took one last look at where she had seen Menomaru before heading over to her mother and they headed inside with her mother telling her that she was lucky she found her before her father did.

From the forest, in the tears red eyes watched every movement Harmony took, "Yes we will see each other again that is certain" Menomaru said before heading off in the direction of his tribes homes.