It's been about 5 years sense the Columbine High School shootings. When it happened I was only 8. I wasn't smart enough to completely grasp the situation, I'm still not completely aware of everything yet. But I have learned enough to understand a majority of what happened that morning on April 20th, 1999.

A/N: I wasn't there, this is written from the perspective of me, from '99, but I am 14 here, not 8... If that makes sense.

That April morning back in '99.

So many of us had never heard of Ol' Columbine.

Until two students drawled guns and bombs.

Injuring so many, killing a few.

One of the shooters was 18, the other 17.

People take for granted each day they have alive.

So many bombs that were thrown didn't go off.

So many parents, students, siblings, friends, loved ones & teachers,

Thanked their lucky stars that their child, friend, classmate, lover & teacher was still safe.

Yet felt an empty hole in their hearts to those left inside & carried out in a bag.

So many of us don't know what caused the two boys to d what they did.

Yet none of us appear to want to find out what it was like in Columbine High School that April Morning.

What high school will be next? Or middle school, or elementary school, and even a college?

What would you say if it were your school?

Would you shake our head in disbelief?

Would you be disappointed, would you stand there in shock?

Or would you even care at all?