Darkness covers all the earth

Evil starts as young as birth

So many hungry, so many poor

Death is pounding on the door

Hatred and cruelty reign supreme

Cut yourself with broken dreams

Wails like sirens all over the city

Innocent deaths are such a pity

Good is dead and gone forever

Our souls from ourselves are severed

Blood in gutters and in the street

Bodies rotting in the heat

The sky is black and it's not night

No one can turn on the lights

We're falling into an endless hole

Filled with the smell of burning souls

Children dying from starvation

Never will they know salvation

A baby in a bin out by the street

A man on the corner with glass in his feet

Pitch black world, no stars in the sky

Looks down on people waiting to die

Marvel and wonder at this corruption

Try to remember the initial eruption

The world is dying from its own suicide

Choking on tears its people have cried

We're killing ourselves and one another

A stab in the chest from your very own brother

Can we return to sweet innocence?

Don't all these people have any sense?

Are we too deep to reach the surface?

Are we all trapped in this macabre circus?

Can't we try to save ourselves?

Can't we escape from this world-wide Hell?

Break free from this evil and end this strife

Or face the evil for the rest of your lifeā€¦