Slowly I open my eyes
Slowly I begin to walk
Against the river of sanity
Fighting the strong current

Too long have I lingered in misery
Too long have I closed my eyes
Now is the time to stand up
And fight with all my might

Their will is strong
As they try to thwart my path
But my resistance is strong
I fight back, knowing I shall win

No longer shall I sit in ignorance
I refuse the sins of others
Refuse to fall into the same lie
That consumes everything that lives

Slowly I begin to run
Away from their strong grips
Salvation is waiting
No one can stop me now

The planet is still turning
But only I feel its movement
They are oblivious
To the damage that is occurring

As they sink even further
Into the river of sanity
I swim, I walk, I run
Towards the sun, towards sanity