By:Andrew Troy Keller

For some people,they indeed could see
That it is impossible to solve a mystery.
However,Coleen McSteeple
Was not one of those people,
For she has wanted to solve a mystery.

That particular mystery had nothing to do with rats.
Instead,it had everything to do bats.
She had gone to solve the mystery of a count--
As in a vampire-type count.
One whose favorite pet was bats.

As soon as she had gotten to a castle,
Coleen had knocked on the door of the castle.
Then,after she had knocked on the door,
A servent had opened the door,
And told her that his master was not in the castle.

And with that,
She had left,being followed by a vampire bat.
Even though she had thought of having for dinner some kelp,
She had heard a girl's voice cry out for help.
She had followed the voice,thinking that it was a cat.

However,as soon as she had reached a burrough,
Coleen had discovered a naked girl
Lying on the ground,
And was left as dinner for the hounds.
So,Coleen has decided to help the poor girl.

After having noticed that the poor girl was in pain,
Coleen had removed her chains.
And not knowing that there was a curse,
Coleen had lifted the girl's body up against her's,
Not knowing that she was about to be slain.

But,just as the girl was about to place a leathel peck
On poor Coleen's unsuspecting neck,
A hand,that was like something out of heck,
Had grabbed the girl by the neck.

And after the vampire had thrown the girl away
From Coleen,he had ordered,"GO AWAY!
And like a saddened little puppy,the girl had gone away.

Then,before Coleen had a chance to weep,
The vampire had looked deep into her eyes,and said,"Sleep!"
And after her eyes were finally closed,it was he who had placed the leathel peck
On poor Coleen's unsuspecting neck.
Indeed,poor Coleen would forever sleep.

So,no matter how easy one might see
To solve a certain type of mystery,
It really is not as easy
As it was first seen.